Deer Lodge Centre has a long and proud history of caring. Our motto, "Making Lives Better" reflects this history.

From 1916 when a military convalescent hospital was established for returning WWI soldiers to today, where Veterans continue being treated with a large population of community patients and residents.

Deer Lodge Centre transferred from a Veterans Affairs Canada hospital to a provincial facility in 1983. 140 personal care beds are maintained exclusively for Veterans under the Federal/Provincial agreement. Since changing from an acute general hospital to a facility caring for adult patients with complex needs, it became the largest rehabilitation and long term care facility in Manitoba, with a bed capacity of 429.

In 2002 the Centre became an operating division of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.

Deer Lodge Centre continues as an innovator in the treatment of patients, residents and clients. Rehabilitation services, outreach programs in geriatric mental health, respiratory therapy, the Day Hospital and Adult Day Care for cognitively impaired community clients address broad inpatient and community needs.

The Operational Stress Injuries Clinic, Movement Disorders Clinic, Communication Devices, PRIME, along with services for ALS patients have all been initiated in response to community need .

Through affiliation with the University of Manitoba the Centre participates in several areas of research.

The Deer Lodge Centre Foundation, established in 1991, continues to fund a growing number of research and educational activities at the Centre.

The J.W. Crane Memorial Library, part of the University of Manitoba Libraries, is one of Canada's premier resources for information in geriatrics and gerontology, and is available onsite for use by students, researchers and health professionals.

Some historical milestones:

  • First documented account of wheelchair sports anywhere in Canada

  • First dialysis machine built and operated in Western Canada

  • First geriatric pharmacology research Unit

  • First geriatric Day Hospital in Canada
  • Pioneer in orthopaedic surgical techniques