Communication Devices Program (CDP)

About Us

The Communication Devices Program (CDP) is mandated to ensure Speech Generating Devices (SGDs) are available and affordable to all eligible adults in the Province of Manitoba.

Speech Generating Devices (SGDs) are electronic communication tools that add to, or replace spoken language. SGDs can help individuals with severe communication disorders enjoy greater independence and quality of life.

SGDs and the peripheral equipment can be very expensive to purchase. The CDP owns a large number of SGDs and rents them, as appropriate, to clients at a low cost.

The CDP's Province-wide mandate is funded by the Employment and Income Assistance Department of the Manitoba Government. The CDP is housed in Deer Lodge Centre and is part of Winniepg Regional Health Authority's Assistive Technology Products and Services Program.

What do our clients say?

'Using my device has made it easier to be in random situations. It has made it easier to be myself. My device has increased my independence.'

'I now am able to speak with my daughter.'

'I have been able to speak to people who have never heard my thoughts in words as they do now!'

Where are our clients from?

CDP services clients from over 135 different communities throughout the Province of Manitoba.

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