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Rehabilitation Unit on the Move

As part of Deer Lodge Centre's role in Healing Our Health System, we are realigning the services we provide to better accommodate patient flow and meet the changing needs of our clients. On August 29, 2017, the patients and staff of Lodge 3 East Rehabilitation Unit moved upstairs to Lodge 4 West. This is the first move in our realignment and bed conversion project. This fall, Lodge 3 East will be renovated to create a new Special Needs Behavioral Unit adding 11 beds to care for residents with dementia. Stay tuned for future updates on our realignment activities.

CTV Morning Live June Spotlight now Online

Presented by the Deer Lodge Centre Foundation, CTV Morning Live featured programs, departments, staff, and clients at Deer Lodge over the past 12 months. Our final segment aired on June 21st and focused on the provincial Communication Devices Program and one of their inspirational clients. See how they worked together to help him regain his ability to communicate after an auto-immune disease left him unable to speak.

C D P client with C T V reporter

Click here to watch the video.
We hope you've enjoyed the features from the past year and if you'd like to watch previous ones, check out the CTV News website here - type "Deer Lodge" in the search bar.

DLC Nurse Profiled on CTV News During Nursing Week

CTV paid a visit to Deer Lodge Centre during National Nursing Week in May to profile registered nurse Nicole Hibbard. Nicole, who is the co-chair of our Nursing Practice Council, talked about why she entered into the practice and what she loves about her job. To watch the video, click here.

Movement Disorder Clinic Celebrates 10 Years at Deer Lodge

The Movement Disorder Clinic, one of Canada’s most comprehensive centres dedicated to treating people living with Parkinson’s Disease and other movement disorders, celebrated the 10th anniversary of opening its doors in the historic Women’s Tribute Memorial Lodge at Deer Lodge Centre on May 10th.

honorable Janice Filmon and Bonnie Korzeniowski unveil tribute plaque

The celebration paid tribute to the women whose efforts led to the creation of the Women's Tribute Memorial Lodge more than 85 years ago. It also honoured former MLA Bonnie Korzeniowski, who was a central player in the efforts to save the building from demolition and restore it to its former glory. Pictured above is Korzeniowski (right) unveiling the commemorative plaque with the Honourable Janice Filmon, Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba.

For the complete story and more photos, visit the Deer Lodge Centre Foundation website here.

WRHA Announces Plan to Make Health System Stronger

The Winnipeg Health Region is making important and lasting changes over the next 6 - 24 months that will help provide better and safer care, shorten wait times, improve service, and lower costs. Click the image below to visit the new Healing Our Health System website to learn more about the goals of the plan.

website button click for access to healing our health system website

Healing Our Health System video:


Cherry Blossom Program Enhances Dignity at End-of-Life

Deer Lodge Centre has initiated the "Cherry Blossom" program. Previously launched in other facilities in the WRHA, the program is designed to enhance the dignity and respect for individuals and their families at the end of life. The symbol of a cherry blossom is displayed outside a client's room or on the privacy curtain of a client in a shared room. This indicates that death is imminent and is a reminder to staff, visitors and other clients (residents and patients) to respect the client and their space by refraining from making loud noise and conversation nearby.

In Japanese culture the cherry blossom, or "sakura" flower, serves as a reminder of mortality and humanity; knowing that the life of a human being can end anytime just like the flower's. The cherry blossom represents this human condition, reminding us that life is short and that we should live it well.


Like and Share on the Deer Lodge Centre 100 Years Facebook Page

The Deer Lodge Centre Foundation has a Community page on Facebook celebrating our centenary. On June 29th, 2016, Deer Lodge Centre turned 100!
Check the facebook page by clicking the 'thumbs up' below and enjoy all the photos and information celebrating our proud history of Making Lives Better. Please also feel free to share any photos or recollections you may have of Deer Lodge at the page. We have been hearing from a few generations of people who have connections to DLC - our roots run deep!