Outpatient Programs


Day Hospital
The Day Hospital program provides assessment and rehabilitation services to promote healthy living for seniors in the community and reduce potentially preventable hospital admissions. Clients attend 1- 2 times per week and are discharged after rehabilitation is  completed.

Diagnostic Services
Laboratory services at Deer Lodge Centre are operated by Diagnostic Services of Manitoba (DSM). DSM is responsible for all of Manitoba's public laboratory and rural diagnostic imaging services.

As part of DSM's provincial diagnostic network, the Medical Laboratory at Deer Lodge Centre is a point of access for facility patients and residents to a comprehensive range of laboratory services for the purpose of diagnosis, pre and post-operative testing and treatment monitoring.

For more information on DSM services and initiatives, please visit: www.dsmanitoba.ca or Email: contact@dsmantioba.ca.

Geriatric Mental Health Team
Geriatric Mental Health Services seeks to promote independence and quality of life for persons aged 65 or older experiencing cognitive and/or mental health problems. Using an interdisciplinary approach, the service provides assessment, consultation, short-term intervention, education and support to individuals, families and care providers on an outreach basis.

Speech and Language Pathology for Personal Care Home

Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapists provide outpatient assessment and treatment to adult patients with musculoskeletal injuries and neurological conditions.

Clients are referred to outpatient Physiotherapy through the WRHA Physiotherapy Central Intake. For further information call (204) 787-1160.


Get Away Club
The Get-Away Club provides the older adults with dementia an opportunity to get out of the house and socialize with others. The program also provides respite to  caregivers.

Clients are referred to the Get Away Club through the WRHA Home Care Program. For further information call WRHA Home Care Intake Line at (204) 940-2655